Success Stories

Libyan youth in the SFT program traveled to Tunisia to participate in a capstone summer camp in September.
Nearly 200 young Moroccans benefit from our latest training partnership with MEPI
Amideast is pleased to partner again with Schmidt Futures and the Rhodes Trust to launch a new round of applications for Rise.
COP27 Conference was an opportunity to showcase our partnerships that are preparing Egyptian youth to address sustainability issues at home.
Recognizing 15 DKSSF scholars from Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia who graduated in 2022.
Congratulating 13 Hope Fund scholars on the completion of their undergraduate programs.
Announcing Project Minah, Amideast's new initiative to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion in study abroad
Meet Majd, Fedaa, and Hasan, Palestinian refugees who, through Amideast programs, have found their way to MIT.
Qisasna is giving university students in Yemen and the United States a unique opportunity to join forces as active global citizens.