Success Stories s

The EYE program aimed at helping young Tunisians to become independent and interdependent citizens, capable of building themselves, their communities, and their country in a democratic and inclusive way.
With donor support, AMIDEAST will enable 10 additional Egyptian students to access the educational and supplemental benefits of the U.S.-Egypt HEI Scholarship program.
"Every youth is talented, and each one can use that talent if he or she is encouraged and appreciated by community leaders saying ‘thank you’ or ‘good job,’ even in Abyan,” asserts Nabil Awad Mater, 24, a recent diploma graduate in computer programming.
AMIDEAST’s new job skills programs are demonstrating that young women graduates can surmount barriers to employment in the competitive labor markets of the Middle East and North Africa if given the right skills and direction.
AMIDEAST has advanced the dreams of some 300 aspiring Arab women entrepreneurs since launching the Arab Women’s Entrepreneurship Project (AWEP) in 2011 with funding from Citi Foundation.