Our Programs and Services
Our courses are designed to enable beginners to advanced speakers become confident and effective users of English.
Let our training programs help you gain an edge in workplace and professional settings and strengthen the skills-base of your organization.
Students attending class
AMIDEAST assists individuals and institutions in assessing skills and taking a wide range of language, aptitude, achievement, and professional qualifying exams.
Find out everything you need to know about pursuing your education in the USA at our advising center. Whether you are a graduate, undergraduate, or a professional, we can guide you.
AMIDEAST supports numerous scholarship programs for Kuwaiti students from high school age and younger through graduate studies.
We partner with NGOs, government agencies, and international development donors to design and implement institutional strengthening programs.

About AMIDEAST | Kuwait

Welcome to AMIDEAST in Kuwait. Since 1992, we have provided skills training and advice on U.S. educational opportunities to over 50,000 students and professionals. Our office is equipped with computers that individuals may use to research educational and training programs in the United States. We administer most of the major exams required for U.S. study, including the TOEFL®, GRE® and SAT®.