Success Stories
Congratulating 16 Hope Fund scholars on the completion of their undergraduate programs.
New program in Tunisia provides a transformative experience for U.S. community college students.
Fulbright Alumni Community Action Grants (ACAG) enable Fulbright alumni from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt to make a difference in their communities.


AMIDEAST at a glance

AMIDEAST is dedicated to creating hope, opportunity, and mutual understanding among people in the Middle East, North Africa, and the United States through life-changing opportunities for education and cultural exchanges.

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Emtinan and Abdullah, two hearing-impaired students from Yemen, navigate their debut international exchange experience via Amideast's Qisasna program. Their newfound confidence and eloquence are on display, setting a milestone in cross-cultural exchange with the creation of Qisasna’s inaugural sign language podcasts.
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Shaping a Brighter Future

"Shaping a Brighter Future"—the theme of our 2021 annual report—highlights the ultimate measure of our programs: their ability to empower thousands of individuals each year to shape a brighter future for themselves and their communities. It also speaks to our impact—past and future—as we marked our 70th year. While remaining true to our founding mission of strengthening mutual understanding and cooperation between Americans and the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa, our work has evolved to encompass much more. In a region beset by economic and political challenges, the urgency of our mission is clear. We invite you to read our report, learn about the programs we offered during 2021, and meet some of the outstanding youth with whom we were proud to work—young men and women empowered to shape a brighter future.


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