We Value Your Feedback

Amideast is committed to providing quality, results-oriented courses, programs, and services to its clientele.  We welcome constructive complaints, comments, and suggestions about our offerings and client interactions with our staff.  We are particularly interested in feedback about how we can improve our performance.  Client feedback about Amideast courses, programs, and services will allow us to benefit from client perspectives and to enhance our offerings.  Feedback may be communicated by email, letter, or telephone.  Please provide feedback in writing, whenever possible, within 30 days of the event in question.

How to Provide Feedback About A Course, A Program, or A Service

Complete the online form           

When submitted, the form will be received by Amideast’s HQ Administration team in Washington, D.C. for review and action.

Formal Letter:  
Send the letter to the following address:          

Amideast HQ
2025 M Street, N.W., Suite 600
Washington, D.C.  20036-3363
Attn:  Facilities, Administration & Risk Management Group

Call the Amideast HQ office at +1-202-776-9600 or call the appropriate country office at the telephone number listed on the office webpage (see www.amideast.org and the “select your country” tab)


How Amideast Handles Feedback

Feedback is handled in a serious and unbiased manner.  We will try to acknowledge complaints, comments, and suggestions within three business days and to provide a full response within ten business days.  Some issues may take longer to address depending on circumstances. Our goal in all cases is client satisfaction and incorporating constructive feedback that will improve our courses, programs, and services.


Client feedback is held in the strictest confidence and will be shared internally only to the extent required to investigate and resolve any issue unless Amideast is legally or contractually required to share complaints with third parties.  In any event, Amideast will notify respondents in advance should it be required to notify a third party, and otherwise will do so only after obtaining a respondent’s written consent.

Thank you for providing constructive feedback to Amideast.