Compliance and Ethics

Amideast prides itself on promoting a culture of honesty and integrity. 

The compliant and ethical manner in which we conduct ourselves with customers, donors, vendors, competitors, and each other is a core Amideast value and is vital to our continued success.  

Amideast has recently updated and expanded its ethics policy in an effort to combat fraud, waste or abuse.  This comprehensive policy applies to all individuals working on behalf of Amideast.

Amideast expects everyone working on its behalf to uphold the values and standards of conduct outlined in the new policy. The policy is administered by Human Resources and includes disciplinary measures that Amideast may take to deal with confirmed violations. 

Amideast has also set up an Ethics Hotline available to anyone within or outside the organization to report suspected ethics policy violations. The Hotline is a multi-lingual service managed by a third party and gives users the option of submitting an ethics complaint anonymously via email or voice telephone. HR automatically receives and follows up on all ethics complaints made to the third party Hotline. Follow up activities conducted by HR will include notification to Amideast's President/CEO. Of course, it is also permissible for anyone to make a complaint directly to HR.  

24/7 Hotline from the USA: 844-940-0044
24/7 Hotline from all other countries except Iraq, Kuwait, Tunisia, West Bank, Gaza, and Yemen: 800-603-2869

Please contact HR if you have additional questions.