Success Stories

New processes for testing introduced during the past year will remain with us beyond the end of the pandemic.
“Emploi FBR" has already improved the life prospects of 435 unemployed young Moroccans and promises to benefit many more.
An empowering new initiative is bringing hope to women living in many of Yemen’s 22 governorates
New technology ensures a full development experience in Kuwait PCELT course despite pandemic restrictions
The Amideast community congratulates Abdallah AbuHashem of Gaza City on his selection as a Rhodes Scholar.
Congratulating 14 DKSSF scholars on the completion of their undergraduate programs.
This spring, Amideast staff handled an unprecedented challenge: ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of international students in the face of a global pandemic.
As the university courses for the 578 students in the U.S.-Egypt HEI Public University Scholarships program moved online, Amideast adjusted to providing student support services remotely and virtual training and activities.