Jordan’s Youth Fly High with Careers in Aviation

Careers in Aviation, a skills development program, is propelling aspiring young women and men in Jordan toward the aviation sector. Offered in collaboration with Jordan’s Ministry of Youth and Boeing, the new program boasts a rigorous and dynamic curriculum, champions inclusivity, and pushes the conventional bounds of workforce training.

This year, the youth-centric program has prepared 60 individuals aged 18-30 to take on roles in the country’s burgeoning aviation industry. They underwent extensive training to enhance their English language proficiency and acquire essential soft and digital skills, crucial for success in the aviation industry. Beyond these foundational skills, the program also featured speaker sessions and field visits from industry experts and professionals, such as the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission, Airport International Group, Royal Jordanian Airlines, and other aviation companies and academies in Jordan. 

In a recent ceremony, the program graduated a class of 54 students, 61 percent of whom were talented young women. Out of this cohort, 14 landed coveted internships at Airport International Group, seven secured jobs within aviation and other sectors, and the others were actively interviewing. In her remarks at the ceremony, Amideast/Jordan’s country director, Ms. Nour Alrasheed, thanked partners for their support and commended the graduates for their hard work, stating that their “commitment and immersion in the world of aviation have been truly inspiring.”  

“As you embark on your professional journeys, we hope that you will carry with you the knowledge, skills, and determination to make a significant impact in this crucial sector,” she added. “We have no doubt that you will do exceptionally well in your careers, and we eagerly await the opportunity to celebrate your successes alongside you.” 

Future iterations of the Careers in Aviation program will target three different participant groups, each focusing on a distinct career track, including cabin crew, engineering and maintenance, and airport support services. The program also aims to expand its reach, with one of its courses set to be hosted at the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), a top university in the city of the Irbid.