Success Stories

Amideast’s English language programs introduce coding and robotics programs to help the region's young learners get an early start in STEM.
After managing more than 36,000 Access microscholarships over the years, Amideast has taken that experience to Yemen and the UAE.
AMIDEAST is working to empower women across the MENA region through our diverse educational and training programs.
By providing training, coaching, and mentoring, the Youth Entrepreneurship Project (YEP) helped 43 young entrepreneurs realize their dreams of starting their own businesses.
The support provided by Amideast and the Diana Kamal Scholarship Search Fund enabled Hana Ba-Sabaa, Yemen’s newest DKSSF recipient, to overcame numerous obstacles in order to begin her studies at Dartmouth College.
Golden Gala in Beirut marks five decades of supporting young generations to win life-transforming opportunities to achieve their dreams.
Working in partnership with the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE), Amideast implement three USAID-projects that have brought much-needed support for and investment in basic education in the West Bank.
As a proud partner on the YES program since its beginning, Amideast has enabled over 2,700 high school students to have the life-changing experience of an academic year exchange in the U.S.
The Yemen Youth Restoring Hope Project, also known as the Nahdhat Shabab Project, is empowering young men and women in Yemen to contribute to the rebuilding of their country.