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When should I purchase my flights?

Amideast has pre-determined dates and specific time frames for when students must arrive and depart from their host country. Please do not purchase airline tickets before you receive a pre-departure email including information on flights; this comes after you submit your Participation Confirmation form. Students are not allowed to arrive after the designated date and time as orientation is mandatory. Students also are not allowed to leave the program early.

What happens if my program is canceled?

Amideast reserves the right to cancel an Amideast Education Abroad Program due to insufficient enrollment or other factors beyond its control. If a program is canceled prior to the start of the program (for any reason) accepted students are given the option to transfer to another Amideast Education Abroad Program that has available space, to defer to a later term, or to withdraw. If a student chooses to defer or withdraw, Amideast will refund all payments received including the deposit but will have no further liability to the students admitted to the program or to their home institutions. Amideast will not refund any flight tickets purchased by the student.

What if I decide to withdraw from the program?

From time to time, participants choose to withdraw from an Amideast Education Abroad program after they confirm participation in the program. Once a participant confirms their participation, they are responsible for the confirmation deposit and the other withdrawal penalties that are outlined in Amideast's Financial Policies.

How much spending money will I need?

Although our programs operate in areas of the world where the cost of living is significantly less than in the US or Europe, we do suggest that students appropriately budget for spending money during their time abroad. The amount needed depends on individual spending habits and travel plans. Students are responsible for phone and internet costs (outside of Amideast facilities). Please refer to the cost sheets for each program and to the student handbooks on the Resources page for estimates.

What does the program fee include?

The program fee covers:
  • Pre-departure Preparation
  • On-site Orientation
  • Tuition
  • Housing (either with a host family or in a shared apartment)
  • Most Meals (if with a host family)
  • Program-organized Excursions
  • Supplementary Lectures & Special Events
  • Medical & Evacuation Insurance
  • Grade Reports (but not School of Record Transcripts)

I regularly take medications. Can I bring them with me?

If you plan to bring any medications with you, please review this Traveling with Medicine advice sheet from the US Department of State. If you are unsure whether your medications are legal in your host country or have other questions regarding ongoing medical care, please contact us.



Do I need to bring my laptop?

Although a limited amount of computers are available at the Amideast offices, Amideast recommends that students bring a laptop if possible in order to complete homework outside of the Amideast office. You may want to consider purchasing laptop insurance in case of damage or theft.

Will I have regular access to the internet?

The Amideast offices, where classrooms, student lounges, and administrative offices are located, have wireless internet access for study abroad students. The offices are open for use during working hours. Some host families may have interest access, but families are not obligated to allow students to use it. There are many cafes around your host city where there will be wireless internet. Please keep in mind that the internet will not be as strong or as consistent as you are used to in the US.

Will I have access to a library?

Amideast maintains a small but growing library in the program center for its students. The collection is focused on works to supplement assigned readings for the courses offered each semester. Students may also access the electronic holdings of their home institutions' libraries for their research.

Will I be able to join a gym or intermural sports team?

Yes. Although gym fees or fees associated with intermural sports teams are not included in the program fee, you can speak with an Amideast staff member once you arrive in-country to learn about nearby gyms and other options for remaining active during your time abroad.

Will I have a phone?

Upon arrival, students are supplied with a mobile phone and a local number. These are pay-as-you-go phones, so when the initial allocation of minutes runs out, you will have to buy more. These phones must be charged and remain with you at all times as they are how staff can reach you (and you them!) in an emergency.
We try to answer all of your questions, but if there is a question you'd like to see the answer to here, please contact us! Also, be sure to check our Resources page for additional information.