Virtual Learning and Cultural Exchange

Participate in a virtual study abroad experience with us! We offer a variety of choices that will allow you to pick an option that fits your needs best.
A student practices Arabic Calligraphy


Students will have the option of taking:

  • Full semester (14-17 credits, inclusion in cohort activities)
  • 11 credits (8-credit Blended Arabic course plus any 3-credit course, inclusion in semester cohort activities) 
  • 6 credits (any two 3-credit courses, inclusion in semester cohort activities) 
  • One 8-credit Blended Arabic course (inclusion in semester cohort activities)
  • One 3-credit course 

The following courses will be offered: 

  • Arabic: Blended Modern Standard & Colloquial  (8 credits) is recommended
  • Colloquial Arabic (3 credits) 
  • Elective Area Studies Courses (3 credits each) taught in English in a variety of disciplines. 
  • Media Arabic (3 credits) is available as an elective

Faculty from Jordan and Morocco will be teaching these courses, with guest lectures by faculty in all locations, including Tunisia, as part of the cohort activities. Students will be able to take Arabic and Area Studies courses either as a full semester or can choose to supplement their other coursework with individualized options.

Virtual cultural exchange

All of the courses offered as part of AMIDEAST Education Abroad's online program will include fully integrated and meaningful cultural exchange with faculty and students from Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco with guest lectures from Tunisian professors as part of the cohort activities.

From language partners in Arabic to virtual placements in our Community-Based Learning course, students will not only take classes, but work on collaborative projects with a host community from the Arab world.


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