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In Morocco the AMIDEAST Education Abroad EXPERIENCE IS:


Students engage in experiential learning every day by haggling for goods in local shops, cooking meals with host families, and frequenting local cafes with Moroccan friends. AMIDEAST students get to know a diversity of people who make up a society that stands at the crossroads of Arab, indigenous (Amazigh), African, and European cultures.


In their daily life, students learn directly from Moroccans through the friendliness of the people of this welcoming country. In addition to the rigorous academic program, AMIDEAST students have the flexibility to have that third cup of mint tea, spend hours perfecting a traditional dish with their host mothers, watch the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean, and wander through ancient markets.


From the bone-dry sands of the Sahara to the lush Atlas and Rif Mountains, Morocco is one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the Mediterranean basin. Rabat, home to palaces, wide boulevards, and bustling markets, offers students the opportunity to move from the shops and cafes of the “European” city to the narrow alleys and exciting markets of the old medina in a few minutes’ walk.


Whether sitting around one large dish of couscous with their host family or practicing the art of bargaining, AMIDEAST students find that Moroccans’ insistent warmth allows the beauty of this country to emerge in thousands of small moments.


“No matter how many guide books I read about Moroccan culture and how to interact with other Moroccans daily, the best way to learn about the country is in the home with those who truly care about you.”

- Morocco Spring Student