Study in Rabat, Morocco for a semester or a whole academic year!
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Academic Overview

  • Arabic: Blended Modern Standard & Colloquial Moroccan (8 credits) is recommended
  • Colloquial Moroccan Arabic (3 credits) is required if not in the 8-credit course
  • Elective Area Studies Courses (3 credits each) taught in English in a variety of disciplines including a Community-Based Learning course. Recent courses have been drawn from the Middle East & North Africa studies, history, political science, sociology, and Amazigh studies.
  • Media Arabic (3 credits) is also available as an elective

Community-Based Learning

Every semester we offer our Community-Based Learning course. This interdisciplinary course aims at strengthening and deepening students' knowledge of the Middle East through direct experience in local organizations and a series of lectures aimed at providing the theoretical framework for studying and interacting with Moroccan society, culture, and politics.

Students will have a volunteer placement in a local organization where they are expected to spend at least five hours a week. There are also lectures/seminars to contextualize the placement, providing the opportunity to directly observe and analyze different aspects of Moroccan culture, social relations, and politics under the framework provided by the class readings and discussions.


Program Calendar and Costs

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