Undergraduate Study

Amideast supports the following scholarship and exchange opportunities for youth in Egypt who seek to pursue their undergraduate studies in the United States or at American-style institutions in the MENA region.

We are currently offering these programs:

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Sawiris Distinction Scholarship

Sawiris Foundation for Social Development and AMIDEAST are pleased to present the Sawiris Distinction Scholarship to offer high-potential Egyptian students access to premium quality education at selected universities in Egypt that provide exceptional academic experience and outstanding student development opportunities that prepare them for competitive job opportunities after graduation.

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Sawiris Foundation Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Sawiris Foundation offers 10 scholarships for Egyptian high school students with disabilities to obtain their undergraduate degree from one of the prominent universities in Egypt. The scholarship aims to provide excellent educational opportunities to students with disabilities that would enhance their job market skills.

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Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program for Undergraduate Studies

Earn a fully paid undergraduate degree at a top university in the United States.

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Al Anani Scholarship Program—South Africa

Interested in earning a scholarship opportunity contributing to the Egyptian agricultural development?