Alumni Community Action Grants 2016 Projects

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Alumni Implementer: Atheer Al-Attar

Fulbright Grant Year:  2012
Field of Study: Petroleum Engineering
Fulbright Grant Host Institution: Louisiana State University   

Project Name:  Kids and Codes
Project Location: Iraq
Project Description: Although Atheer works primarily as a geoscientist, he also has a passion for coding, computer programming, and working with youth. His 2016 ACAG Project, Kids and Codes, is a continuation of a successful 2015 ACAG project that taught 110 children the fundamentals of computer science and robotics. During the 2016 ACAG grant period, Atheer and his team will expand the program to serve more children by developing new learning kits, model robots and tailored lesson plans.



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Alumni Implementer: Hosam Alrqiq

Fulbright Grant Year: 2008                                                          
Field of Study: Dental Public Health
Fulbright Grant Host Institution: Boston University    

Project Name: Oral Health Assessment Workshop
Project Location: Libya
Project Description: After completing his Fulbright grant, Hosam noticed that dental health screenings for school-children in Libya were outdated, so he launched the ACAG project, Oral Health Assessment Workshop. This workshop will provide an intensive, two-day training for healthcare screeners on effective methods to monitor children’s oral health, and then to share that data with community leaders and policy makers throughout the country. In addition, families of children who receive dental care will also be provided with educational materials on good dental hygiene practices. 



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Alumni Implementer: Abeer Al-Yazji 

Fulbright Grant Year: 2014
Field of Study: Business
Fulbright Grant Host Institution: Fairleigh Dickenson University

Project Name: EntroCamp 
Project Location: Palestinian Territories, Gaza  
Project Description: Abeer currently works at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as a programme coordinator where she focuses on promoting leadership, advocacy and economic empowerment for students in the Gaza Strip. Her 2016 ACAG project, EntroCamp "Entrepreneurship Boot Camp," will impart some of the entrepreneurship and business development skills that she honed as a Fulbrighter, with students living in Gaza. EntroCamp is a five-day event that will introduce 50 youth to the fundamentals of developing small enterprises, business planning and conducting market research.



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Alumni Implementer: Ezzaldeen Edwan

Fulbright Grant Year: 2003
Field of Study: Electrical Engineering
Fulbright Grant Host Institution: Oklahoma State University

Project Location: Palestinian Territories, Gaza
Project Name: Smartphone Tech in Classrooms
Project Description: For Ezzaldeen, one of the most memorable aspects of studying in the United States was the innovative use of technology in the classroom, a teaching model that he plans to replicate in Gaza. Through his 2016 ACAG project, Enhancing Teaching through Smartphone Technology, Ezzaldeen will develop a smartphone app to transform regular classroom whiteboards into “smart boards.” The app will allow instructors to write with a smartphone and simultaneously display their notes on a whiteboard.



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Alumni Implementer: Hiba Hamdan

Fulbright Grant Year: 2014
Field of Study: Molecular & Cell Biology
Fulbright Grant Host Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology

Project Name: The Little Scientist   
Project Location: Lebanon
Project Description: Hiba first became enamored with science while conducting a middle school science experiment. Now her dream is to give other young students the same transformative opportunity to develop their scientific potentials. Her ACAG project, The Little Scientist, will encourage scientific inquiry in students ages 11-14 by facilitating advanced science projects in middle school classrooms.



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Alumni Implementer: Dounia Kchiere

Fulbright Grant Year: 2014
Field of Study: Integrated Marketing
Fulbright Grant Host Institution: New York University

Project Location: Lebanon
Project Name: Rawiyate
Project Description: As a Fulbright student, Dounia learned the transformative power of digital storytelling, a skill she now wants to share with others. Dounia’s 2016 ACAG project, Rawiyate (female storytellers in Arabic), will teach refugees who are currently residing in Lebanon how to tell their own stories to others. Dounia will lead storytelling workshops to empower women in particular to communicate with confidence in various environments by leveraging multiple storytelling channels including social media, blogs, and ultimately their own voices.                                                                                                              

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Alumni Implementer: Jambally Mohammed

Fulbright Grant Year: 2011
Field of Study: Geographic Information Systems 
Fulbright Grant Host Institution: Texas Tech University

Project Location: Iraq
Project Name: Stories, Legends, & Oral History
Project Description: Jambally is a specialist in GIS and community planning, and has experience in GIS mapping for historical preservation. He previously completed an Alumni Development Grant project to map the ruins of the Akre Citadel in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Through his 2016 ACAG project, Stories, Legends and Oral History, he plans to build a more comprehensive understanding of the Citadel by recording local stories about its history. This project is implemented in close cooperation with Dr. Angela Lombardi, professor of Architectural Preservation at the University of Texas, San Antonio, and with the University of Texas, San Antonio’s Center for Cultural Sustainability.



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Alumni Implementer: Khaled Saleh

Fulbright Grant Year: 2011 
Field of Study: Music Performance
Fulbright Grant Host Institution: Indiana University  

Project Name: Melodies for Serenity
Project Location: Egypt
Project Description: Khaled is a master musician, violinist, and founder of the Awtar Quartet, a well-known chamber ensemble in Cairo. Through his 2016 ACAG project, Melodies for Serenity, Khaled and his fellow musicians will provide therapeutic concerts for residents of six rural hospitals in Egypt. Khaled plans to introduce patients, many of whom have never before heard live chamber music, to an eclectic mix of Classical, Arabic, Latin and American tunes.




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