Academic and Cultural Exchange

For over 50 years, AMIDEAST has been a leader in the area of fellowship and scholarship management.  We have supported thousands of individuals from the Middle East and North Africa who have come to this country on scholarship and exchange programs to study for long and short periods of time.

These cross-cultural programs remain unparalleled as a means for improving and advancing understanding and dispelling stereotypes and misinformation.


  • Developing Future Leaders The Fulbright Foreign Student Program is one of several exchange, scholarship and internship programs designed to help potential leaders meet the challenges of the future.  [ + ]
  • Expanding Global Understanding Initiatives such as the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program, which provides high school-age boys and girls a chance to experience life in the United States firsthand, are one of the best ways we know to dispel stereotypes and foster cross-cultural understanding.  [ + ]
  • Opening Doors to Higher Education Through small specialized scholarships and two scholarship search funds, AMIDEAST continues its ongoing efforts to assist deserving youth to realize their dreams of study in the United States.  [ + ]
  • Advancing Professional Goals  Partnerships with private sector donors have enabled us to provide specialized internship opportunities in the fields of business, law, and technology.