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Achieving high scores on internationally recognized exams can make all the difference in terms of college admissions, for undergraduate and graduate programs, or employment opportunities. As part of AMIDEAST’s extensive testing services, we offer a broad range of test preparation courses and resources for exams such as the SAT®, TOEFL®, GRE®, GMAT™, and TOEIC®. Through activities such as question analysis, practice exercises and tests, and proven test-taking strategies, you will acquire the confidence and skills needed to achieve required test scores, as you pursue your educational or professional goals. Test Preparation English Levels Offered All classes have only one level, but students must meet a B1+ language threshold to participate in class effectively. If below the B1+ threshold, it is recommended to take a General English course to supplement your language learning process, and then move on to the test preparation courses afterward to ensure a successful result on your test.



TOEFL test blended preparation

Succeeding on the TOEFL isn’t about mastering English, it’s about mastering test strategies that will help you showcase your English ability. Amideast’s TOEFL Blended is designed according to this belief and therefore requires students to have a B1+ CEFR language level to enroll. 

During this course, you will become familiar with the structure of TOEFL, the types of questions you will see in each section, and the best strategies you can use to solve them. You will also have access to additional practice activities so you can target your specific trouble areas. With support and feedback from your teacher, you will hone your skills, increase your score, and be ready to take the official exam with total confidence.


For more information about the exams, please visit the following websites:


Online and in-person preparation for the internationally recognized TOEIC test.


Prepare for TOEFL iBT testing with courses provided by Amideast.


Prepare for TOEFL ITP testing with courses provided by Amideast.

TOEFL® Young Students Series

Resources to guide students toward success on the TOEFL Young Students Series family of tests, including the TOEFL Primary TOEFL Junior.

GRE® Test

Many Amideast offices offer test preparation resources for graduate school entry testing.

SAT® Test

Prepare now to succeed on the SAT!

Prometric® Professional Certification Tests

Prepare for professional certification tests created by the Project Management Institute (PMI), including the Project Management Professional (PMP) test.