Meet Our Staff


Country Director: Nour Alrasheed

HR and Admin Manager: Heba Alrisheq

IT Specialist. Ahmad Dabbagh

Finance Manager: Rida Awartani

Finance Officer: Mohammed Hamad


Training & Exchange Programs

Training & Exchange Programs Manager: Betty Ghanim

Training & Exchange Programs Officer: Therese Elshami


COMMMUNICATIONS & Customer Service

Communications & Customer Service Supervisor: Tamer Nafush

Customer Service Representative: Saad Al-Saffarini

Customer Service Representative: Moustafa Abufarha

Customer Service Representative: Haneen Alamad


English Language Programs

English Language Programs Manager: David Lazaro

English Language Senior Officer: Ammar Qushha

English Language Senior Officer: Moayed Jundiyah

English Language Program Officer: Farah Shaban

English Language Programs Coordinator: Nura Alnajjar

Access Program Coordinator: Wafa Saidan

Access Programs Assistant: Raghad Abu Alshaikh


Education Abroad (US to Jordan)

Program Manager: Myrna Altall

Program Officer: Ghassan Tlili



Testing Manager: Fernand Fakhoury

Testing Senior Officer: Danya Belenghabes

Testing Support: Razan Alomari

Testing Support: Ola Shehadeh

Testing Support: Hayah Karadsheh



Authentication Supervisor: Afra Ramadan

Authentication Officer: Enas Bastas