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Nubader: Youth Activism Beyond Borders


Amideast is pleased to partner with Mercy Corps in the Nubader: Youth Activism Across Borders program targeting over 200 Jordanian youth, parents and community leaders in Ma’an as well as 100 American youth, parents and young professional leaders. The program will connect Jordanian and American youth, parents and community mobilisers through virtual exchange meetings, seminars and facilitated sessions focused on civic engagement, community strengthening, cultural exchange, environmental sustainability and youth resilience.

The objectives of the Nubader program are:

  • Engaging the youth leaders including Nubader alumni in civic education and capacity building plans with facilitating interactions with policy makers. In addition to providing the opportunity for supporting each other in support groups settings. Moreover, utilizing virtual connections to discuss mutual interest and issues across borders with Americans.
  • Empowering the youth leaders including Nubader alumni in leading and co-creating the Activism and Self-expression sessions for the adolescents’ participating in the project.
  • Engaging the Adolescents through the activism and self-expression sessions led by the youth leaders, support groups, and virtually through online discussions with Americans.
  • Providing parents/ caregivers of enrolled adolescents and youth with capacity building opportunities around mental health and psychosocial support services (MHPSS), and Media Information Literacy (MIL) concepts to support the positive youth development and their social positioning to be actively engaged in communities.

For more information on the program, please contact Mr. David Lazaro at dlazaro@amideast.org or Ms. Myrna Al Tal at maltall@amideast.org .