Mariana Wassef Boutros

Profile photo of Mariana Wassef Boutros
In a family of five children, Mariana Wassef Boutros grew up on an isolated island in the Nile, in which the only transportation is small boats, requiring two connections to reach Aswan. Her father, a day laborer and her mother, a housewife, had always believed in Mariana’s potential, and throughout her studies she stood out, in 2015 becoming the only girl in her village to graduate from high school.

This summer, Mariana’s high Thanweyya Amma score, vision for her future and the future of Egypt, and her hard work and commitment earned her a place in the competitive Higher Education Initiative Public University Scholarships program.

Following a dream she first visualized when she was young, Mariana is now studying to become a nurse, out of her belief in the importance of the role of nursing for medical care in Egypt.  Now in her first year in the nursing excellence program at Cairo University, Mariana is doing well and is more committed to her dream than ever.  Despite that her parents miss her as she studies so far from home, Mr. Wassef Boutros is thrilled for his daughter’s chance to create her future, something she couldn’t have dreamed of without the HEI Public University Scholarships program.