Ahmed Rezk Ahmed

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Ahmed Rezk Ahmed is a smart and talented young man who has never let his challenges define him or hold him back. Losing his father when he was three years old, and raised along with six siblings by his mother in a one-bedroom house in Sohag, he learned the value of hard work, education, passion, and helping others. Now a scholarship recipient in the second cohort of the U.S.-Egypt Higher Education Initiative Public University Scholarships program, Ahmed is taking full advantage of the opportunity.

Although his mother was unable to financially support the family on her own, her emotional support motivated Ahmed. Moreover, her dependence on charity inspired in him a spirit of giving. Her continual motivation of her children to reach for new opportunities through education helped him earn 98 percent on the Thanaweyya Amma high school exit exam. As his mother always told him, “You can reach others’ level through education, not just money.”

Considered an orphan in Egypt because he is without a father and cannot be supported by his mother alone, Ahmed grew to spend a lot of time helping other orphans, since he understood their circumstances. He volunteered in clothing drives for orphans, as well as in competitions for students to memorize the Holy Quran. As a youth, in addition to his studies, he also spent time cultivating many other talents and interests, including drawing, carving pharaonic statues, and writing poetry and novels.

Now at Mansoura University, where he will begin his academic studies in September under the scholarship in the elite biomedical engineering credit-hour program, Ahmed is enjoying his pre-academic English and orientation trainings. He also appreciates living in the dormitory, where he has his own bedroom and three daily meals. Not least, he looks forward to identifying his service activities in Mansoura and completing his required summer community service project.

Ahmed dreams of becoming a pioneer in biomedical engineering — using his inventions and developments to benefit his country. His high school teachers told him that they expect him to become the next Ahmed Zewail — the first Egyptian and the first Arab to receive a science Nobel Prize. Ahmed hopes that, with his determination and the help of this scholarship, they are right.