Tawtheef Program

Amideast developed the Tawtheef Program ( برنامج توظيف ) to give recent graduates and newly-hired staff an opportunity to gain exposure to professional environments. Professionalism is the leading requirement our partners have about hosting potential interns and recruiting potential employees. Amideast’s Tawtheef provides participants with the opportunity to work within various Amideast departments, gaining practical experience with English as well as developing administrative skills. Based on its long history as a direct provider of internships.

Curriculum Structure

Amideast’s Tawtheef modules are clustered into five core areas. Each skill area consists of four to seven training modules. Each training module includes one to four training activities. Additionally, there are 2 orientation modules that must be completed before starting any of the modules in these five skill areas.

Training Areas

1- IT

Office Equipment (Copier/Printer/Scanner/Phone System/Laminating Machine); Troubleshooting; Cloud Applications; MS Office and Typing; Outlook, Hangouts, and Skype; and Networking Basics.

2- Admin and Finance

Maintenance and Facility Support; Procurement; Bookkeeping; Cash Forecasting; Human Resources; Customer Service; and Office Security.

3- English Language

Academic and Business Writing MOOC Camp

4- Project Management

Project Fundamentals; Activity Planning; Reporting; and Social Media and Outreach.

5- Career Skills

CV Writing; Commercial Awareness; Professional Correspondence; Interview Preparation; and Presentation Skills.


For more information about the Tawtheef program, please contact:

Amideast Aden
Phone: 02-235069/70/71 
Email: aden@amideast.org