AMIDEAST/Yemen Internship Program

Serving as an intern is an exciting training and work experience that will enhance one’s professional and language skills, opening doors for future employment.

AMIDEAST’s office in Aden is therefore pleased to offer the AMIDEAST/Yemen Internship Program, which is designed to give university students and recent graduates an opportunity to gain relevant work experience in a professional environment.


Interns have the opportunity to work in one of many areas offered by this program, gaining experience in the use of the English language as well as developing administrative skills. The minimum commitment is six months, and preference is given to those who have strong English skills and no prior work experience.

Each intern is given a pre-determined assignment and workspace, which vary according to the individual’s skills and interests and the nature of his/her assignment. Interns are supervised directly by a staff member and are under the overall coordination and mentorship of the Internship Program Coordinator.

In addition, interns are also offered a fifty percent discount on English Language instruction at AMIDEAST, with many interns pursuing English classes alongside their internship commitment.


To qualify, applicants must either be current enrolled in university studies or a recent graduate. Priority will be given to those who graduated less than than two years before the date of application.

How to apply

Applications for AMIDEAST/Yemen internships are accepted on an as-needed basis, and announcements about vacancies will be made on AMIDEAST/Yemen's social media pages. Please note: only applications submitted online will be accepted.

For inquiries

Tamer Hussein
02-235069/70/71 ext. 116