English for Media & Journalism


The 75-hour English for Media and Journalism training funded by America House and the U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs, targets fresh graduates and entry-level professionals seeking careers in modern media and journalism.

This program aims to provide participants with the English language skills necessary to progress forward in everyday contexts. It also aims to reshape participants’ perspectives on how journalism is perceived in Palestinian society and elevate it to an international level. Participants will be familiarized with international journalism's fundamental values and practices while working on their content-based skills.


The 75-hour face-to-face training is divided into:
45 hours of English for Journalism & 30 hours of Journalism in practice in addition to guest speakers.

Training Delivery 

The training is scheduled to run during the period of January - April 2023, take place twice a week at Amideast Ramallah and three times a week at Gaza office.

Eligibility criteria

  • Palestinian, resident of West Bank/Jerusalem/Gaza; 
  • U.S. citizens and/or green card holders are NOT eligible to apply;
  • Interested in developing English skills for media/journalism; 
  • Can commit to attending the entire training period;
  • Upper-intermediate level of English language proficiency (B1-B2);
  • Young professionals or fresh graduates, majoring in media/journalism;
  • Between 22-30 years old.


Applications are now closed. For more information, contact our offices.