YES Alumni Stories

Leadership and Teacher Development Program (LTD)

The Leadership and Teacher Development Program (LTD) continues to accomplish substantial achievements through its work with Palestinians schools and the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE). Its wide success from its inception has resulted in a further expansion in 2016 to include 150 new public schools bringing the total amount of schools supported by AMIDEAST LTD school based reform to 511 schools which is almost 30% of public schools in West Bank.   Like the previous schools, the new cohort of 150 schools will be provided with internet connectivity, IT equipment to integrate technology in classroom learning, training of principals under LTD’s Leadership Diploma Program, and training of teachers in innovative teaching methods in the five main subjects (Mathematics, English, Science, Technology, and Arabic).  
In 2016, LTD expanded its work into the  area of classroom assessment. Through a two-day assessment forum held in September 2016, LTD was able to emerge with recommendations and amendments to the process in line with the Ministry’s strategy for developing educational assessment that corresponds with the general curricula framework.  In December 2016, LTD and the Ministry emerged with a newly revamped evaluation system and the grading scale for students to better capture their skills, attitudes, creativity  and abilities in the classroom.  
LTD’s partnership with the MoEHE was further developed in 2016 through LTD’s support in enhancing the capacity of the Ministry’s IT department through developing a Single-Sign on System for internal processes in addition to supporting the public relations department at the Ministry and the directorates to build their capacity in PR tools.
LTD has also launched a new diploma component for school supervisors, who will receive training for one year diploma in specialized academic school supervision based on training modules developed by the Ministry and LTD. 
And finally, LTD has continued its work in the 15 educational directorates by establishing district leadership teams that work hand in hand with school improvement teams in LTD schools to develop plans aiming to support the school’s improvement including infrastructure and equipment based on needs assessment studies.