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China Cuts English Language Testing

China is rethinking English. In provinces all across the country, education officials are readjusting teaching policies to place less emphasis on foreign language, according to China Daily. At the forefront of these controversial education reforms, is the Ministry of Education which has gone so far as to propose a plan that removes English as a test subject from the national college entrance exam.

New Business English Links page

Every month for almost two years now, we've been publishing a "business English site of the month" in our free e-newsletters for English language learners and for professionals working with non-native English speakers.

Today at last we've published a compilation of these sites on a single page, meaning you no longer have to click through every newsletter to reach these great links. Much faster and easier!

While we expect to update the page periodically  we encourage you to sign up for the appropriate newsletter now to get new links as they are published (along with other useful news and information). Since we have different newsletters for different countries, please visit the new links page for full (simple) instructions on signing up for the right newsletter for you.

Getting English Language Students to Speak

I’ve been following an interesting discussion on LinkedIn’s English Language Services Professionals group (you may need to request to join the group before you can access the discussion, not sure).  It is focused on a very common problem, the reluctance of learners to practice speaking in the classroom even when they have good skills.

TOEIC Test Score Improvement: Study Provides Data to Encourage EL Students

We regularly get inquiries on strategies for using TOEIC tests in English language teaching, as well as on how quickly scores can be expected to improve. Therefore I was interested to learn of research conducted by TOEIC representative Pro-Match in Australia that responds to both questions.

Eight Great Sites to Improve English Listening Skills

An interesting discussion took place on the LinkedIn group ESL Teacher Professionals last month relating to a question asked by teacher Renee in New York regarding ways English language learners could improve their listening skills beyond such usual recommendations as films, radio, and YouTube. Comments from around the world focused on free Web sites.

Is English Easier than Other Languages?

The article “English: the Inescapable Language,” which appears in the latest issue of The American, a journal published by the American Enterprise Institute, has a somewhat different focus than you would expect from its title.

The article indeed does discuss how English has becomes the world’s common language of the workplace, including some interesting “did you know?” material such as the following—


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