U.S. Study Advantage

Learn about the many advantages of studying in the United States by exploring this information resource containing a wide range of topics of interest to international students who are considering whether to pursue their studies at an American institution of higher education.

Click on a section and explore at your own pace. 

U.S. Study Basics. The most frequently asked questions on choosing and applying to U.S. programs, testing, financing your study, visas, and U.S.

Undergraduate Study in the U.S. More detailed information for individuals interested in applying to U.S. two-year associate or four-year bachelor’s degree programs.
Graduate Study in the U.S. Details for individuals interested in U.S. master’s, doctoral, and postgraduate programs.            Tests. Information on how to register, prepare for, and take academic tests required for U.S. degree programs
Financing U.S. Study. Scholarship resources, funding strategies, how to reduce costs, and more.Fields of Study. Information on specific areas of study such as business, law, medicine, and more.
Other U.S. Study Options. Background on English language and short-term training options, distance education, U.S. elementary and secondary school study, and other choices.Visas. Where, when, and how to apply.
Living in the United States. Information to help you succeed in adapting to U.S. life and study.Top U.S. Study Web Sites.  a few of the most essential Web sites for students considering U.S. study

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