Nahdhat Shabab Project — Yemen

The Yemen Youth Restoring Hope Project, also known as the Nahdhat Shabab Project, empowered Yemeni youth with skills that enabled them to contribute to the rebuilding of Yemen. Launched in 2017, it was funded by the U.S. Department of State and administered by Amideast.
Nahdhat Shabab Project classroom full of students


The Amideast Nahdhat Shabab Project (NSP) trained over 781 Yemenis in vocational, professional, and employability skills. More than 160 trainees were connected with mentors and local businesses to gain real-world experience as interns in key companies and in improving their communities. Trainees came from a broad cross-section of Yemeni society, with 22 Yemeni communities included in the project.

Throughout the program, the NSP implemented activities with local providers. Additionally, a group of 56 diverse community actors guided project activities through Community Advisory Boards (CABs). 

Training topics ranged from hands-on technical instruction to English language and computer courses. Through the project's focus on community rebuilding and restoration, 111 trainees studied cutting-edge renewable energy technologies, including solar panel installation and maintenance.

As the project drew to a close in 2021, 64% of trainees had found new or better jobs and NSP trainees continue to help stimulate critical economic recovery that supports post-conflict governance mechanisms in Yemen.