Nahdhat Shabab Project — Yemen

The Yemen Youth Restoring Hope Project, also known as the Nahdhat Shabab Project, aims to empower Yemeni youth with skills that will enable them to contribute to the rebuilding of Yemen. Launched in 2017, it is funded by the U.S. Department of State and administered by Amideast.
Nahdhat Shabab Project classroom full of students


To date, the Amideast Nahdhat Shabab Project (NSP) has trained over 430 Yemenis in vocational, professional, and employability skills. More than 90 trainees have also gained real-world experience as interns in key companies and in improving their communities.

Throughout the program, the Amideast Nahdhat Shabab Project implements activities with local providers. Further diverse community actors guide project activities through Community Advisory Boards (CABs).

More than 140 NSP trainees have new or better jobs following their participation in the Amideast NSP. NSP trainees are helping stimulate critical economic recovery that supports post-conflict governance mechanisms in Yemen.

Planning is underway to train 250 more youth and link 50 more trainees to mentors in their communities. The Amideast Nahdhat Shabab Project is also enabling its youth trainees to become involved in community rebuilding, restoration and recovery projects at selected community spaces in 2020.


To learn more about the project, visit the Amideast/Yemen Facebook page.