Senior Director of Information Technology

Ms. Nuha Alkhatib has served as the Director of IT since April 2016, overseeing the technology operations of Amideast, mapping out pathways to success, and empowering the realization of business objectives through technology utilization. With strong leadership and clear vision, she spearheaded transformative initiatives that have significantly impacted organizational efficiency and effectiveness leading to the successful implementation of large-scale infrastructure upgrades, seamless transitions to cloud-based solutions, empowering remote work during and beyond COVID, and the establishment of Amideast’s cybersecurity program.  

As the head of the IT team, Ms. Alkhatib leads the technology group with a passion for excellence in providing IT services and an emphasis on open communication, transparency, and team development while ensuring alignment with organizational goals.  

Ms. Alkhatib joined the Information Technology team at Amideast in 2006 after acquiring a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from Purdue University.