Board of Directors


*Dr. Mary W. Gray, Chair
Professor of Mathematics, American University
United States
*The Honorable Theodore H. Kattouf, President and Chief Executive Officer
Former U.S. Ambassador
United States
*The Honorable Nicholas A. Veliotes, Vice Chair
Former President, Association of American Publishers; former U.S. Ambassador and Assistant Secretary of State 
United States


Mr. Richard Abdoo (Emeritus) 
President, R.A. Abdoo & Co., LLC
United States

Dr. Paul Jabber
President, Globicom Inc.
United States
Mr. Hussam Abu Issa
Vice President and COO
Salam International Investment Ltd.
The Honorable Deborah K. Jones
Former U.S. Ambassador; Chair, Hollings Center for International Dialogue
United States
*Dr. Odeh Aburdene
President, OAI Advisors
United States
Mr. Hasan M. El-Khatib
President, Dena Corporation
United States
Mr. Kutayba Yusuf Alghanim     
Chairman, Alghanim Industries
*Mr. D. Patrick Maley III
Retired Petroleum Executive
Dr. Mondher Ben Ayed
President and CEO
Mr. Jonathan McKay
Product Lead, Facebook; former U.S. Foreign Service Officer 
United States

*Dr. Paul F. Boulos
CEO, Digital Water Works, Inc. 
United States

The Honorable Robert H. Pelletreau (Emeritus)
Former U.S. Ambassador and Assistant Secretary of State 
United States

Ms. Katharine Cushing
Managing Principal, 7Sisters LLC, Founder
Newport Global Summit
United States
*The Honorable William A. Rugh
Former AMIDEAST President and CEO; former U.S. Ambassador
United States
The Honorable Robert S. Dillon (Emeritus)
Former AMIDEAST President and CEO, former Deputy Commissioner General of UNRWA and U.S. Ambassador
United States

Mr. Frederick C. Seibold, Jr., Esq
Consultant; former Vice-President and Treasurer, Sears World Trade
United States

Mr. Hisham Fahmy
CEO, The American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, Inc., AmCham Egypt, Inc.
United States
Ms. Deena Shakir
Partner, Google Ventures
United States 
Mr. Antoine N. Frem
Chairman, INDEVCO Management Resources, Inc., Lebanon, and Chairman, Interstate Resources, Inc., USA
Mr. Alex Shalaby
Former Chairman and CEO of Mobinil, Egypt
United States 
The Honorable Edward M. Gabriel
President, The Gabriel Company; former U.S. Ambassador 
United States
H.E. Leila Abdul Hamid Sharaf 
Member of Parliament and former Minister, Jordan
Mr. Ramez Hakim
Director, RMH Consulting LLC
United States

Dr. Mostafa Terrab
President and CEO, Group OCP

Dr. Taher Helmy
Senior Partner
Baker McKenzie

Dr. Hillary Wiesner
Program Director, Transnational
Movements and the Arab Region, Carnegie Corporation of New York
United States
Mrs. Ghada Irani
United States

*Executive Committee Members