Meeting the Challenge: The TOEIC® Exam During COVID-19

Throughout the past year, the entire world faced a new reality. Social distancing rules and lockdowns forced the creation of solutions to support remote learning and facilitate certification through testing. New processes for testing introduced during this period will remain with us beyond the end of the pandemic.
Young man at computer taking a test.

Amideast, the exclusive TOEIC® test representative in Egypt, faced the challenge of providing language assessments within the new restrictions established by the government in response to the pandemic. Together with ETS Global, Amideast was able to meet this challenge by offering universities a remote proctoring solution that, when used with the online versions of the TOEIC® Listening and Reading and the TOEIC Bridge® test, ensures that the testing experience keeps its core values of quality, fairness, and equity.

The solution implemented across Egypt has been the first offered in the country with such a flexible response to conditions in the academic sector. It was met with positive feedback from both university officials and test takers.

“We are excited to support Egyptian universities seeking to ensure an international standard of language proficiency for their applicants. This year, Badr University and Merit University, among others, used the online version of the TOEIC Bridge test as part of their application processes,” said Shahinaz Ahmed, Country Director, Amideast

Since August 2020, universities such as Badr University of Cairo (BUC) and Merit University, internationally recognized institutions that aim to ensure that their graduates have better opportunities when starting a global career, have conducted nearly 11,000 tests for admission purposes.

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