Skills for Success Program in Morocco Graduates 249 in Laayoune and Esmara

Amideast is pleased to celebrate the graduation of 249 young men and women following their successful completion of the Skills for Success Program, a joint initiative led by Amideast and supported by the U.S Department of State’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI).

The Skills for Success® program helps participants access economic opportunities by improving their proficiency in workplace English and equipping them with personal and professional skills that facilitate their employability. To date, Amideast has assisted 144 participants with work or internship placement. The training program consists of five components with 120 hours of English language instruction forming the core of the program, supplemented with computer/IT skills, professional skills, and the option to choose further training through transition-to-work and entrepreneurship components.

A unique Pay-it-Forward element also required all participants to deliver workshops in their own communities that drew on their personal development in the program. Through the Pay-It-Forward activity, 1,364 additional women and youth have been reached in 2023 through workshops delivered by primary program beneficiaries.

The graduates were celebrated at ceremonies in Esmara on July 12, and Laayoune on July 13. The Laayoune ceremony was hosted at the Maison de la Culture and attended by MEPI’s Director of the Near Eastern Affairs (NEA) Assistance Coordination Regional Office in Rabat, Ms. Laila Hasan, and Amideast’s Country Director, Dr. Chris Shinn. The event was launched by the Wali Abdeslam Bekrate and attended by a variety of stakeholders.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Hasan noted, “The United States is committed to enhancing and sustaining inclusive economic growth across Morocco. We will continue to support this goal based on our shared view that a prosperous Morocco is best realized by expanding economic opportunities, particularly for vulnerable populations. This excellent partnership with Amideast’s Skills for Success program is incredibly impactful and allows us to work together for a brighter future for Morocco.”

In Esmara, the event was held at the Hosting Center and launched by the Secretary General Mr. Mohamed Naji with the Pasha M. Boujamaa Qsioui in attendance along with 72 graduates. The two ceremonies were organized and facilitated by a group of Skills for Success participants and included graduates from Tarfaya and Boujdour. A final ceremony is planned in Dakhla after the summer holidays and will bring the total number of beneficiaries enrolled in training since the project’s inception in October 2021 to 585 individuals.

Amideast will commence recruitment for the third year of the Skills for Success Program in September 2023, with an aim to graduate 320 new beneficiaries from the Dakhla and Laayoune regions.