Planting a Tree for Youth in Lebanon

We are grateful to the members of the Amideast/Lebanon Advisory Board for their generous support of programs that benefit the country’s youth.

In June, in conjunction with their semiannual meeting in Beirut, they demonstrated their commitment to youth in a novel way by planting a cedar tree in the Barouk Cedar Reserve. Explaining their gesture, Board Chair Mrs. Wafa Saab said, “The cedar, a symbol of elevation, eternity and strength, affirms our commitment to our mission to create hope among the youth of Lebanon and beyond, and to provide them with life-changing opportunities.”

Their outing in Lebanon’s beautiful Shouf region, where the Barouk Cedar Reserve is located, included a memorable tour of the Moukhtara Palace, graciously presented by Mrs. Nora Joumblatt, and lunch at the Mir Amine palace.