Celebrating the First Graduates of the Pathway to Promise Program

Amideast/UAE with the U.S. Mission to the UAE and the Ministry of Education celebrated 11 Emirati English language teachers who completed the first phase of the Pathway to Promise Program after completing the Professional Certificate in English Language Teaching (PCELT) training.
Emirati PCELT Graduates

The PCELT was developed by Amideast in partnership with World Learning/SIT Graduate Institute to provide English teachers in the MENA region with an internationally recognized certification program. PCELT's emphasis on practices that create a learner-centered, interactive classroom has already translated into an improved learning experience for tens of thousands of students in the region.

In collaboration with the U.S. Mission to the UAE and the Ministry of Education, the first two cohorts of the PCELT program took place this March and May in the UAE. These two cohorts were the first PCELT cohorts to participate completely in an online format.

The participants received a total of 120 hours of instruction in workshops led by international trainers, who guided the participants in developing and implementing their future class plans. Teachers received a uniquely tailored training on modern-day teaching methodology, and also had the opportunity to interact directly with current ESL students. Our two cohorts of graduates in the UAE join a stellar network of over 1,000 ESL educators with PCELT certification across the MENA region.

“We were pleased to make the PCELT program available online for the first time in the UAE with the support of the U.S. Mission to the UAE and the Ministry of Education. English is a critically important skill for youth in the UAE who wish to participate in the global economy, contribute to the global conversation, and expand their options for higher education.” noted Sara El Dallal, Amideast’s Country Director for the UAE.

Dr. Sameera Alhosani, Director of Department of H&L Curriculum, Ministry of Education added: “We are thrilled to have the first UAE cohorts of the PCELT successfully graduate. Such a course contributes to our nationwide strategy of developing excellence in literacy and communication. This also further enhances the UAE’s commitment to the UNESCO SDGs as we work towards providing access to quality education to all. I wish the new cohort the best of luck with their English teaching careers and thank them for contributing to the education system of the UAE’.

Miguel Rivera, Cultural Attaché also noted: “The U.S. Mission to the UAE is pleased to announce the graduation of the first two cohorts of the Professional Certificate in English Language Teaching (PCELT) program. We look forward to future collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Amideast to equip aspiring teachers with specialized skills to thrive in their professional careers and to support more gifted UAE youth”.

Abdulla Esam Mahboub who is PCELT student in the UAE’s first cohort added: “The PCELT course is phenomenal. The skills I’ve achieved from it are beyond expectations, and it’s transformative, and at the same time, a very fun course.”

Rasha Hallat, PCELT trainer: “Every time I deliver a PCELT course, I am reminded of how rewarding and transformational the whole experience is for everyone, both at the professional and personal levels. The rewards are even multiplied with the UAE courses being delivered online for the first time to fresh graduates who are highly motivated to learn about the teaching profession in all its different modalities. As trainers, we could see how eager all the participants are to continue with their journey of experimentation and reflection in their contexts.”