Amideast, Boeing Launch New STEM Initiatives in the UAE

Amideast/UAE and Boeing are pleased to announce two new initiatives that will expand opportunities for youth in the UAE to benefit from STEM education: the establishment of a STEM Lab to serve as a hub for STEM educational activities in the UAE, and the STEM Ambassadors Program.

The STEM Ambassadors program is focused on learning and development in sustainability and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in aerospace engineering. The program targets students aged 14-18 years old from select schools in the UAE. The first group of 25 students has just successfully completed the program, now they are well prepared to pursue STEM subjects at the leading universities. On February 17, 2023, Amideast/ UAE and Boeing will start the program for another group of 25 future STEM Ambassadors. The program will equip them with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in aerospace engineering and sustainable aviation.

The STEM Ambassadors program is hosted in the brand-new STEM Lab located at Amideast center in Dubai. The STEM Lab will also become home to other activities to upskill students in the UAE. The STEM lab will feature different equipment such as a 3D printer and STEM kits that will be instrumental for successful STEM sessions.

“At Boeing we strongly believe in the importance of STEM partnerships such as this one. They empower young people, particularly women, and lay the foundation for creating a steady talent pipeline in the region. More than 10% of jobs in the UAE are linked to aviation, as is a similar percentage of the economy. In the next two decades, the Middle East will additionally require more than 200,000 new aviation personnel. In addition to that, the UAE will require a young talented workforce to support its aspirations in space exploration. We look forward to continuing to work with Amideast, focusing on young people as part of our commitment to the UAE’s future”, said Kuljit Ghata-Aura, President, Boeing Middle East, Türkiye and Africa.

Experience shows that STEM education has many benefits. It improves students’ problem-solving skills, contributes to their overall attainment in science, math, and English, and improves their critical thinking and creativity. STEM activities also contribute to the development of the next generation of innovators, engineers and leaders.

“It is our pleasure to be collaborating with Boeing on growing the knowledge around STEM and sustainability topics among the youth in the UAE to address the needs in the community and guide students as we give them a hands-on opportunity to experiment with their interests and knowledge,” added Sara El Dallal, Amideast UAE Country Director.

“The U.S. Mission to the UAE is proud to support the launch of the STEM Ambassadors program and STEM Lab by Amideast and Boeing. The launch of two aviation-focused initiatives is timely as the UAE and our Mission celebrate Innovation Month. The United States and the UAE have a long history of collaboration to promote sustainability, innovation, and space research. It is inspiring to see so many talented UAE students and innovators interested in pursuing careers that will leverage science, technology, engineering, and math to build a more sustainable future," said Daleya Uddin, Head of Public Affairs and Outreach at the U.S. Consulate Dubai.