Other Services

Out of our longstanding commitment to international educational and cultural exchange, Amideast works to facilitate U.S. study for students and professionals through a variety of services.

These various services include:

  • Support for college fairs ― enabling students to hear about study opportunities directly from participating U.S. college and university representatives
  • Credential authentication and certification ― providing valuable assistance to returning students who require authentication of their U.S. degrees and certification of the institution's accreditation and legitimacy

For more information, please email us by clicking here.

ALERT: Amideast has been notified of fraudulent claims from people posing as Amideast staff, and pretending to call clients from Amideast’s phone number and another American phone number. These callers are targeting people who hold online degrees from the United States, and demand money in exchange for getting their degrees accredited, or even replaced. They make claims that legal actions will be taken against the person unless a payment is made. Please note that under no circumstances will Amideast call a client to seek cash for changing the type of their degree. Amideast is taking legal action against those who are committing these acts. If you are contacted with such a demand, please feel free to contact us at lebanon@amideast.org or +9611-989901.