Hope Fund

The Hope Fund is dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of deserving Palestinian youth—many from refugee backgrounds—for a higher education that will realize their academic and leadership potential.


For nearly two decades, the Hope Fund has provided higher educational opportunities in the United States for exceptional Palestinian students living in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, and Jordan, particularly refugees and others from disadvantaged circumstances. More than 100 Palestinian men and women have been selected based on their leadership potential, character, and strong academic qualifications, as well as limited financial resources that pose an obstacle to their pursuit of a higher education.

Eligibility Requirements

Students who meet the following requirements are encouraged to apply to Hope Fund:

  • Palestinian refugee residing in Lebanon
  • Cannot afford the cost of U.S. study without scholarship funding
  • Currently in 10th or 11th grade with minimum 16/20


  • Fill out and complete the Hope Fund application
  • Submit it to lebanon@amideast.org along with:
    • Copies of school transcripts for the past three years
    • A copy of the official Brevet exam
    • Copies of certificates, awards, honors, community service (if available)
    • SAT & TOEFL scores (If available)


For details or to apply, please contact Mrs. Hala Karakalla Kaadi: