Executive Office

Country Director: Shahinaz Ahmed

Assistant Country Director of Programs: Maria Arruda


Grants Department                      

Grants Developement Manager - Hana El Fiki


Administration Department                      

Office Manager : Sherine Adel

Administration Specialist:  TBA

Administration Specialist : Nasser El Sayed

Facility & Admin Specialist: El Sayed Mohamed

Administrative Assistant: Ibrahim Mohamed

Office Assistant: Amr Hussien


Education Services Department                               

Education Manager, Corporate English Language Programs & Projects: Emad Abdel Al-Malek

Professional Eduvation Manager: Nada El-Egeimy

Corporate Training Senior Specialist : Eman Essawi

Associate El Manager: Mariam  Rayan

Program Assistant: Nada Hossam

Program Assistant: Khaled Sayed

English Language Resource Center Director: Kimberly Chimonlik


IT Department 

IT  Coordinator: Sherif Abdel Latif                

IT Technical Specialist: Sayed Abdel Azeem


US Advising Department

Senior Adviser: Yasmine Elroweiny

Adviser: Omnia Abd Allah


Exchange Programs Department                        

Exchange Manager – Sahar Salama

Exchange Coordinator - Nadia Bassiouni

Exchange Coordinator - Yomna Khalil

Program Assistant: Yasmina Weber


Lotus Project:

Project Lead: Mariam El Gaby

Project Specialist: Maha Sobh


WISE Project:

Project Lead: Dina Khairy

Economic Partneship Senior Adviser -- Ibrahim Mostafa Abdel Khalek

Enabling Enviroment Senior Adviser - Dr. El Sayed Torky

Economic Development Expert : Maryham Anwar Habib


Finance Department                         

Finance Manager: Ahmed Oraby

Finance Senior Coordinator : Rania Salem      

Finance Coordinator: Yehia Hussien

Accountant : Ahmed Hussien      

Office Assistant: Ali Ahmed


Testing Department                      

Testing Director : Rana Hakam

CMD Testing Coordinator: Omniyah AbuZeid                      

Senior Program Coordinator : Ingy Farouk           

Testing Assistant: TBA

SAT Senior Testing Specialist: Hebatullah Magdy

SAT Testing Specialist: TBA


HEI ( US – Egypt Higher Education Initiative)

Project Director: Quincy Dermody

Senior Disability Officer: Dina Mohsen

Accounting Officer: Noha Maged

Accounting Assistant: Ahmed Abd Allah

Monitoring, Evaluation & Compliance Officer : TBA

Administration Specialist: Hafsa Mostafa 

Student Affairs Officer: Ahmed Adel Mostafa Shehata

Student Affairs and Enhancement Officer : Ahmed Ali

Senior Student Affairs and Advising Officer: Emad Zenhom

Student Affairs, Recruitment and Alumni Officer: Heba Shaalan

Student Affairs, Communication and Outreach Officer: Mona Wahba

Student Affairs Assistant: Kirolos Aziz

Student Affairs Assistant : Marwa Hulail

Student Affairs Assistant: TBA

Student Affairs  Assistant: Menna Azmy

Student Affairs  Assistant: Doaa El Habibi

Student Affairs Assistant: Ahmed Hamdy

Student Affairs Assistant: Esraa El Safty



Human Resources Department                

HR Manager :  Naglaa Khatter

HR Generalist: : Hassan Ragaey Abdel Hadi


Customer Services Department                                               

Customer Service Manager: Mohamed Radwan 

CS Senior Specialist : Beshoy Kamal           

CS Specialist – Atef Abd Allah

CS Assistant – Pierre Boktor

Customer Service  Specialist -- Heliopolis: Ramez Zaglol


Marketing and Sales Department                                

Sales  & Marketing Manager: Hazem Madyan Abdel Aziz

Marketing Associate Manager: TBA

Senior Corporate Sales Executive: Mohamed Hisham Soliman

Corporate Sales Executive: TBA

Social Media & Marketing Specialist: Tarek Ashraf El Hanafi

Business Development Senior Analyst: TBA


Regional Staff                  

Regional Finance Director: Ghada El Batouty

Regional Accountant: Mohamed El Tatawy

Regional Accountant: Maha Saad

Regional Senior Accountant: Shaymaa Hosny   

Regional  Accountant: Shahlaa El Banna

Regional Senior Accountant: Tasneem Abdel Aziz

HQ Payroll: Sally Ashour





 Alexandria Director: Riham Ghazal


 Administration Department                      

Admin and Facility Supervisor: Hanan Sadaka

Administrative Assistant: Mariam Bishara

Facility & Admin Assistant: Mohamed Ramadan


Education Services Department                                             


Senior Program Specialist: Diana Koutnouyan            

Senior Program Specialist: Bassma Hamdy


Customer Services Department                                                     

CS Senior Specialist  – Mohamed Zakaria

CS Assistant - Mennat-Allah Fathallah

CS Assistant - Sarah Abdel-Galil


Finance Department                     

Senior Finance Coordinator: Zaven Leylekian

Accountant: Nashwa Ibrahim Abdel-Aziz

Office Assistant: Mohamed Rabie


IT Department                 

IT Specialist: Islam Hassan


Testing Department                      

Senior Testing Coordinator: Asmaa El-Gindy        

Testing Program Assistant – Enjy Taha


US Advising Department

US Education Adviser – Asmaa Lasheen


Lotus Project

Project Specialist : TBA



Sales Specialist: Antwan Saad