English Explorers

Amideast is glad to launch the 2024 Young Learners Summer Program, entitled “English Explorers”.  The program aims to provide a memorable, educational, and fun experience that not only enhances EFL students' language skills but also enriches their understanding of the world. By the end of the summer, students will have not only improved their English proficiency but also gained confidence, knowledge, and friends.

The Program is designed to ignite curiosity and foster a love for the English language among young learners ages 5 to 17.  This engaging and interactive program combines fun activities with educational content, ensuring a memorable learning experience.

By integrating language learning with age-appropriate topics ranging from Magical Worlds and Ancient Myths to Modern Technology and Global Issues, the program aims to boost English proficiency, 21st Century skills, foster global awareness, and promote social skills and teamwork.

The course is available in Cairo and Alexandria.

Course Fees:

English Explorers Fees: EGP 4,290

Contact Information:

Call us: 19263

Course Schedule 

Our courses will start on June 24, 2024.