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Jim Grabowski, Vice President of International Field Operations of AMIDEAST, Meets with Scholars, Students and Participants from Various Programs in Cairo & Alexandria

During his visit to Egypt, AMIDEAST’s Vice President of International Field Operations, Jim Grabowski, met with participants from various AMIDEAST programs including the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program (OSSP), Access, Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP), Skills for Success, Competitive College Club and the ILO grant.

Mr. Grabowski gave participants the opportunity to reflect on their experiences in their respective programs. He spoke about how important it is to learn a foreign language as it builds understanding between people. He shared his personal experience in learning Arabic and how it affected his life both personally and professionally. He also expressed his deep love of Egypt and how he considers it as his second home.

Mr. Grabowski helped to shed light on how AMIDEAST’s mission in the Arab world helps develop youth in order to find better opportunities.  At the end, he motivated the participants to develop themselves personally and professionally, and to work hard in order to reach their goals and shine!  





ETPP Participants Visit the U.S.

On November 4th, twelve participants from the U.S. Embassy RELO-funded English for Translation Purposes Program (ETPP) began their twenty-day trip to the U.S. The twelve participants work for the Al-Azhar Al Sharif Observatory as translators.

During their stay, the participants will visit the University of Maryland, Georgetown University and the Pew Research Center, among others. They will attend presentations and participate in panel discussions concerning the understanding of cultural nuances in translation as well as common issues related to the translation of religious texts, topics and themes.

The ETPP provides its participants with intensive classes in English for Islamic Purposes as well as training in English-Arabic translation of various academic texts related to Islamic and religious studies. 


The ETPP prepares Al-Azhar observatory members in monitoring academic journals and periodicals published by Western academia related to Islamic and religious studies and in developing published refutations of extremist and Jihadist media and literature.


Eighteen U.S.- Egypt HEI Public University Scholarships Students Study Abroad

This fall eighteen students travelled abroad to take one semester of courses at eleven U.S. universities as part of the U.S.-Egypt Higher Education Initiative (HEI) Public University Scholarships program. The U.S. universities included Georgia State University; Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis; State University of New York (SUNY) Fredonia; University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Arkansas Technical University; Arkansas State University; Trine University; University of Connecticut; SUNY Plattsburgh; University of Texas Austin; and West Virginia University.

The U.S.-Egypt Higher Education Initiative is an investment by USAID in Egypt’s future that provides educational opportunities for high-achieving Egyptians to learn skills that will better meet the needs of the 21st century economy. Overall, 496 students in three cohorts won the scholarships, 24 of whom have disabilities. Students were recruited and selected in a competitive process attracting applicants from governorates all over Egypt.  Students come from underserved backgrounds to join excellence programs in fields including engineering, science, computer science, agriculture, nursing, economics, commerce, and law at five public universities: Ain Shams, Alexandria, Assiut, Cairo, and Mansoura Universities.


AMIDEAST Egypt Held its StudyUSA 2017 College Fair in Cairo and Alexandria

AMIDEAST Egypt held its 2017 StudyUSA College Fair on Friday, October 13th at the Cairo Marriott Zamalek and on Saturday, October 14th in Alexandria at the Steigenberger Cecil Hotel. The fair was a unique opportunity for Egyptian students interested in studying in the U.S to meet face-to-face with American university representatives to gain in-depth information on applying for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the U.S.

Since 1999, AMIDEAST has held the StudyUSA College Fair for students interested in studying at U.S. universities. 11 U.S. university representatives from different regions and states participated in the fair, which was attended by approximately 1700 interested youth in Cairo and Alexandria. During the fair, attendees could attend a variety of workshops on related topics presented by AMIDEAST Egypt and the U.S. Embassy-Cairo. 


YEP Participants Give Back to the Community Through the Pay-it-Forward Initiative

One of the Exchange Department’s star programs is approaching the end of its first year. YEP (Youth Entrepreneurship Program) funded by Citi Foundation has positioned AMIDEAST in the entrepreneurship scene in Egypt and has managed to guarantee the success of at least 17 businesses. It is now time for businesses to give back to the community by taking part in the Pay-it-Forward Initiative in November by participating in a TOT and delivering parts of the training to youth on common business know-hows.


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A new partnership between AMIDEAST Egypt and Huawei Egypt under the patronage of the Ministry of Communications

AMIDEAST Egypt is proud to announce a new partnership with Huawei Egypt and under the patronage of the Ministry of Communications to deliver specific soft skills training for youth in underprivileged areas in Cairo.  The objective of the training is to prepare them to enter the job market in Egypt. The trainings will be conducted at locations that were technically prepared by the Ministry of Communication in 3 underserved locations in Cairo. The first training will take place at Mansheyet El Kanatar, the second training will take place at Oseem and the third training will be a ToT held at El Barageel benefitting a total of 45 youth.

The training program includes core management skills training including communication skills, presentation skills, decision making and problem solving, leadership and team-building.  It also includes business values and ethics, business writing and report writing, and CV writing, interview skills and mock interviews. Finally, a ToT will be conducted for sustainability purposes whereby, participants will learn the skills to become trainers themselves and by the end of the program, 15 participants will have designed and delivered a 12 hour soft skills workshop to an additional 100 participants.  Thus, in total, this program will reach 135 participants.



Access FY 14 Program – Community Service Projects

Access FY 14 students in the program’s eight governorates (Cairo, Alexandria, Minia, Assiut, Sohag, Luxor, Kom Ombo and New Valley) have been implementing their summer community service project. The project is about transferring the knowledge they are acquiring in the Access program with their younger peers in their local communities. Access students worked with primary students from public schools and orphanages in their communities teaching them English language basics. The students applied the same techniques their teachers use with them in the Access class.


EducationUSA at AMIDEAST Egypt Celebrates the Competitive College Club Students’ Success!

EducationUSA at AMIDEAST Egypt for the first time is sending all of Competitive College Club Freshman students with almost full scholarships to US universities this Fall. US universities offered well-deserved packages to top students from Egypt this year.

The current CCC president, Hossam Nasr, is attending Harvard University with a Full-ride scholarship. Hossam is a brilliant IGCSE student and a TED Youth speaker whose passions lie in the fields of Philosophy and Physics. Three students from Egypt are attending University of Rochester, two from Alexandria and one from Cairo.

Other students in Cairo have made it successfully to University of Chicago, Claremont McKenna College, New College of Florida, Minerva Schools at KGI, Emporia University, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln . Moreover, CCC Alexandria students have made it successfully to Drexel University, Minerva Schools at KGI, Mississippi College, and University of Cincinnati with full-need met packages.

The four girls attending Minerva, Mississippi College, University of Cincinnati and New College of Florida were awarded the Diana Kamal Funding Scholarship sponsored by AMIDEAST to complete their package.

In August 2017, two of the CCC Alumni who interned with EducationUSA this summer have run the Summer Boot Camp, with the help of two freshman students among them those attending Harvard, and University of Chicago. The Boot Camp was a 5-day commitment to all rising seniors with a few juniors. It was a full room with almost 50 students who will be filtered in September to work more closely with the most potential ones. The agenda of the Boot Camp included all the steps to apply to US colleges and be competitive applicants. We also had one of CCC alumni, Noureen, who is graduating from Lafayette next year come and speak about the value of being a CCCian and gave tips to the members. Gratefully, Shahinaz Ahmed the CD and Maria Arruda the ACD gave a short speech to all the students boosted the students’ energy!

More details about our success stories can be found on our Facebook page, as we feature them weekly


AMIDEAST Alexandria New Location

AMIDEAST Alexandria has successfully moved and launched operations in the American Center Alexandria (ACA) which has for years housed the US Consulate before their relocation. The new premise is significant not just because of its amazing location in the Quartier Grec (Pharanaa), but also due to its historical and artistic nature. AMIIDEAST Alexandria is committed to continue preserving the integrity of the building while delivering all state of the art educational services. Our clients are fascinated by the building’s architectural nature as they attend their English classes, register in SAT and ITP, receive scores, and sit for their test at our Prometric® testing center. Recognizing the potential for growth and prospects for new programs that would serve the Egyptian economy, AMIDEAST will soon announce the launch of new services to better meet our clients’ needs and expectations in the new premise.


AMIDEAST/Egypt launches the new Summer Internship Program for 2017

AMIDEAST Egypt announces the start of the new Summer Internship Batch for the year 2017 which has started today @Amideast Egypt.

AMIDEAST is happy to host 20 summer interns from 11 universities inside and outside Egypt. An amazing diversity, interesting projects and remarkable experience will be waiting for them in our different departments over 2 months.


AMIDEAST wishes them all the best of luck!




AMIDEAST/Egypt and Citi Foundation Launch Youth Entrepreneurship Program in Egypt

Washington, DC, and Cairo, Egypt, December 7, 2016―AMIDEAST/Egypt and Citi Foundation have announced the launch of the Youth Entrepreneurship Program, a two-year partnership aimed at providing economic opportunities that will directly impact 40 aspiring young Egyptian entrepreneurs and further benefit as many as 600 other youth.

The program will focus on building a new generation of entrepreneurs by helping them to get their business ideas off the ground. AMIDEAST is now accepting application online through its webpage,, until January 31, 2017

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program, which was designed and implemented by AMIDEAST/Egypt, is open to Egyptian youth aged 18-30 who have innovative business ideas or have just started their own business. The program provides training, access to resources, coaching and mentoring, incubation and opportunities for real-life application of the newly gained skills and knowledge.

AMIDEAST is proud to have been selected by Citi Foundation to implement the Youth Entrepreneurship Program. Together we will not only enable 40 star entrepreneurs to start businesses, but will also empower them to impact the lives of others, said Shahinaz Ahmed, AMIDEAST/Egypt country director. “Our entrepreneurs will learn to teach and will pay it forward by providing state-of-the-art entrepreneurship skills training to 600 additional youth, creating awareness about and planting the seeds for an entrepreneurship path.”

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program is part of the Citi Foundation's Pathways to Progress global approach to prepare urban youth to thrive in today's economy. Programs that make up this approach are focused on developing economic opportunities for youth through activities such as, entrepreneurship education, engagement in the formal economy through first jobs, and the acquisition of leadership, financial, and workplace skills.

‘’We are proud to partner with AMIDEAST Egypt and to invest in youth through this program to help enable economic resiliency and long term competitiveness in our country,’’ said Nadir Shaikh, Citi country officer, Egypt. ‘’We continue to support programs that catalyze economic growth and provide our youth with economic opportunities to thrive and promote continued progress in Egypt.’’

As part of the Pathways to Progress initiative, the Citi Foundation commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to study how cities around the world support young people’s ambitions and contribute to their economic prospects.  The study revealed that 74% of respondents in the Middle East and Africa want to start a business and work for themselves.

Further details and application information can be found here:

Nadir Shaikh, Citi country officer for Egypt (left), and Shahinaz Ahmed, AMIDEAST’s country director for Egypt


Do you dream of studying at the undergraduate level at Stanford University or the University of Chicago?

AMIDEAST is now accepting applications for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program. To apply visit


Do you dream of a Master’s degree from Harvard, Stanford or MIT but do not have the funding?

Your dream can become a reality with the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program. AMIDEAST is now accepting applications for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program. Successful candidates may pursue their studies in the following two fields only: Master’s of Business Administration and Master’s of Construction Management.

To apply visit



Meet our "Women @ Work" Graduate, Rehab Adel

While challenges to keep rising in Egypt against youth employment in general, the Central Agency of Public Mobilization and Statistics revealed that the unemployment rate among women is four times that of men. Funded by the International Labour Organization “ILO” and implemented by AMIDEAST, the “Women @ Work” program comes to arm Egypt’s women to overcome these challenges by providing the necessary skills to succeed in their job hunting and prosper in their future jobs.

The program provides intensive training of empowering, challenging and developing future female community leaders. Throughout the program, the participants develop their skills, personalities, thoughts, ability to receive knowledge and transfer it to others.

When Rehab enrolled at the “Women @ Work” program, she had thought she still have a long way to go before she gets a decent job. “Never expected I’ll get there so fast” Rehab said after accepting her first job offer as HR Administrator at a local packaging company in Cairo, three weeks after completing the program.

For the duration of two months Rehab and her peers mastered new soft and technical skills that they hadn’t access to in the past. Skills allowed Rehab to seize the first opportunity that came across her way get hired. A big part of Rehab’s focus is now directed at pursuing a master’s degree in the Business Administration field. “That is the dream, and I have the self-confidence to achieve it” Rehab said. She is now looking for another scholarship opportunity to achieve her dream. “The program made me believe more in myself and my capabilities” Rehab concludes.