About HEI

The Public University Scholarships, one component of the U.S.-Egypt Higher Education Initiative (HEI), is a scholarship for disadvantaged high school graduates to attend excellence programs at public universities in parallel with specially-designed supplementary enhancement activities such as English, leadership training and career planning, as well as internships, community service, and study abroad. The program will interweave the private sector and practical experiences so that graduates are primed to enter and contribute to the workforce in Egypt, in sectors that are critical to the economic development of the country.

The U.S.-Egypt Higher Education Initiative (HEI) is an investment in Egypt’s future that provides educational opportunities for high-achieving Egyptians to learn skills that will better meet the needs of the 21st century economy.  The Initiative encourages partnerships between Egyptian and American universities for knowledge transfer, research, and joint degree programs that reflect the needs of a modern economy in critical disciplines such as agribusiness, engineering, and entrepreneurship. It provides scholarships for talented, young Egyptians—women and men from underserved communities in rural and urban areas—to Egyptian and American universities in fields that will help them reach their aspirations and contribute to Egypt’s economic prosperity.

This initiative has five scholarship components:

  • Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) Scholarships for Women to study in the United States
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) undergraduate scholarships for high achieving, low income young women to study in the United States
  • Local Scholarships to five Egyptian universities (including Lotus Scholarships)
  • Fulbright Scholarships to study in the United States
  • Post-graduate studies for Egyptian civil servants