Professional Networking

Professional Networking


Professional networking is a key element of school improvement and is integrated into the program components. Monthly face-to-face trainings and learning circles provide networking opportunities among participating MSN schools. Meetings among the principals further local networking, while a week-long capstone experience at a US university is designed to expand professional networks internationally. Similarly, English teachers involved in the training program will have the opportunity to apply to attend a regional professional conference. 

An annual Learning Community Conference, the first of which took place in August 2009, involves all MSN participating school teachers and principals, MoEHE staff and select speakers.  A further aspect of professional networking includes Peer Observation Exchanges, which allow participating teachers to observe teaching practice in neighboring schools and reflect on the pedagogy and teaching styles. Finally, the VLE is meant to provide an additional professional network facility for MSN stakeholders by creating a virtual community of practice using Moodle as a platform. This support comes in the form of 1) on-line discussion forums; 2) real-time chatting; 3) on-going email exchange between the teachers and trainers; 4) web-forums introducing new material; 5) assigning and responding to on-line assignments; 6) supplementary materials mapped to current materials; and 7) links to external teaching resources. 


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