Career Fair Nov 16 - 17

Contact your local Amideast staff now for a special invitation!

As an alumnus/a of any program administered by Amideast in any country, any year, you are invited to the online Career Fair on Localized, November 16 - 17, 2020, completely free!

We are very excited about this upcoming event which features more than 60 companies actively recruiting in the MENA region now. Sign up for this opportunity to speak with employers in a wide range of industries including MedTech, consulting, gaming, and FinTech. Participating companies include: Tivoli Group, Raya, Nestle, Nerdup, McKinsey, Medmark, Fiveable, EY, 1Point Commerce, Cwallet, and many, many more!

There are two ways you can join:

  • If you already received a Localized invitation from ALAM or your local Amideast staff, use the link to create your account!
  • If you would like to request an invitation, contact your local Amideast staff right away or email and put "Career Fair" as the subject.

Once you're logged in to Localized, make sure to complete your profile! Employers will only see participants who have already filled in all their personal details.