Insights Into Entrepreneurship

Learn from the ALAM community in Palestine about entrepreneurship in the local and global context
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Amideast hosted an online event on April 19, 2021, focused on entrepreneurship in Palestine. Watch the recording on our Localized page and learn from these local experts!

Click here to watch the full recording of Insights Into Entrepreneurship.

Iyad Altahrawi – Introduction of Entrepreneurship. Iyad leads the work with startups at Gaza Sky Geeks, the first and only startup accelerator in Gaza. His main experiences lay within the areas of program planning, design, and execution. He works with startups at various stages ranging from idea shaping to scaling their businesses to enable them to launch their businesses at scale. Iyad gave an introduction to entrepreneurship: to whom do we refer as an entrepreneur and the different types of entrepreneurship.

Dalia Najjar – Social Entrepreneurship. Dalia has an undergraduate degree in Biology (Pre Medicine) and a graduate degree in Environmental Policy from Bard College, New York. Upon her return to Palestine, Dalia joined Farouk Systems Palestine as the youngest General Manager in the company’s history. Prior to joining Farouk Systems, Dalia has worked extensively on research in different sciences ranging from basic biology to health and agriculture. She has wide and international experience working in the United States, Switzerland, and Palestine. In addition to her work at Farouk Systems, Dalia currently serves as an adjunct faculty member at Al-Quds Bard College teaching Social Entrepreneurship. Dalia also works with the university to develop a full curriculum in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Through her work with undergraduates, Dalia equips her students with the tools and mindset to launch and scale new innovative solutions. In this webinar Dalia introduced the concept of Social Entrepreneurship and explained how to use strategies for turning social and environmental challenges into viable and effective ventures and solutions.

Ayah Abuhamad – Fears Entrepreneurs Face and How to Tackle Them. Aya is an industrial engineer who works as a Business Development Specialist for micro and small enterprises in Gaza strip. She also worked as a teacher assistant at the Islamic University of Gaza. Her main experiences lay within the areas of entrepreneurs’ journey from ideation stage until it becomes a reality, reviewing process flows for a mapping out plans for delivering services to maximize efficiency or putting quality controls. Ayah discussed the fear of failure, which holds back chasing entrepreneurial dreams, and shared strategies about learning how to face fears so that those fears and doubts don’t impede entrepreneurs from taking steps forward to achieve their goals.