AMIDEAST/Jordan is committed to expanding educational and professional opportunities for Jordanians by promoting life-long learning through: high-quality career development and English language programs and the advancement of US-Jordanian dialogue through international educational exchanges and scholarships.

Academic and Cultural Exchange

 AMIDEAST/Jordan administers numerous merit- and need-based scholarships to support Jordanians studying in the U.S. and throughout the Middle East. To foster relationships between American and Jordanian peoples and institutions, AMIDEAST/Jordan organizes cultural and academic exchanges.

Learn English

Whatever your level, AMIDEAST/Jordan offers innovative and results-oriented English language courses that will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively communicate in English. Our General Public and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses include:

Institutional Strengthening

AMIDEAST/Jordan is committed to working with Jordanian stakeholders both at the individual and organizational level to build capacity in English language, civic education and entrepreneurship. In support of this aim, AMIDEAST/Jordan is currently implementing the following programs:


Study in the U.S.

For students returning from studies in the U.S., AMIDEAST/Jordan provides support with degree recognition.



Take a Test 

AMIDEAST/Jordan administers a wide-array of tests for students who want to continue their studies and professionals who want to gain their professional certification. For those wanting to master test taking strategies, AMIDEAST also holds regular test preparation courses. Our tests preparation and test administration include:

Professional Development

AMIDEAST’s Professional Development Training Programs provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully compete and excel in the workplace and globally changing environments.  Currently, AMIDEAST/Jordan offers the following professional and career development courses: