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Chargé d’inventaire des livres

Le chargé d’inventaire des livres soutient le directeur du département de langue anglaise en termes de gestion de l'inventaire de livres pour toutes les filiales. Ceci implique la gestion de milliers de livres. Ce poste demande une communication étroite avec le DAF pour s’assurer de la bonne gestion des achats et des frais des livres au niveau du système financier.

Le poste exige simultanément une attention aux détails,  une force physique pour déplacer les livres, et l’esprit d'un comptable. Le poste est basé au bureau AMIDEAST Tunis.


Networking for Best Practices: English Access Program


As part of its commitment to ongoing professional development for English teachers,AMIDEAST Tunisia held a three day Access Best Practices Conference for teachers and coordinators within the US-funded English Access Microscholarship Program, a program targeting underserved youth thro


Accounts Receivable Specialist



          Position Description


Job Title:                                             Accounts Receivable Specialist

Department:                                      Tunisia Field Office

Immediate Supervisor:                   Director of Finance and Administration

Salary:                                                 Commensurate with qualifications and experience


TOEIC Promotion 2015

The Promotion:

  • Over 50% off Official Public TOEIC® Listening & Reading Test. For a limited time, AMIDEAST is offering our lowest price ever on the TOEIC Listening & Reading Test. Originally $130, now $55! Includes certificate.
Program Areas: 

TOEIC® Propell Workshop for Ministry of Higher Education

We are not currently accepting applications. Please check this page for updates.

Propell® Teacher Workshop

For the TOEIC® Listening and Reading Test

Workshop Components:

Workshop Manual This comprehensive guide includes a description of the test, learning objectives and strategies, and an explanation of TOEIC® Listening and Reading scoring descriptors.

Activity Books These books, one for Listening and one for Reading, provide examples of how a teacher can structure lessons and include sample handout materials.

Practice Test Books These publications feature authentic TOEIC® test questions for both Listening and Reading and include a listening transcript with correct answers indicated.

Audio CD The audio CD contains authentic audio portions of the practice tests and classroom activities.

Score Descriptors These quick reference guides provide descriptions of performance levels for each skill.

Certificate of Workshop Completion Each participant is presented with a certificate upon completion of the workshop.


Workshop Highlights:

English-language learning guidance

  • Teaching and Learning Strategies promote success.
  • Dynamic Classroom Activities motivate learners.
  • Learning Objectives can guide development of lesson plans and class activities.

TOEIC® Listening and Reading Test background

  • Complete Practice Test increases familiarity with test format.
  • Listening and Reading score descriptors provide information on performance levels for each skill.

Growth opportunities

  • Network with other instructors to share ideas.
  • Evaluate and provide program feedback.
  • Earn a certificate of workshop completion.


Application Submission Deadline:

Applications need to be submitted by the 23rd of April.

Send your application foa workshop at AMIDEAST Tunisia, please contact and 

Sousse Winter I Session Grades

If you see that some of your scores are "0" or blank result, it could mean that you need to make up your final exam or that your teacher has not entered in your grades. 

If one of your grades shows "NA" it means that the course you took did not have that test (example:  General English classes don't have Presentations)

Please call and make an appointment to make up your oral and/or written exams.

Program Areas: 

TOEIC® Propell


Program Areas: 


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