French Grade Conversion Service

AMIDEAST's French Grade Conversion Service, designed to assist students of French schools apply to American colleges and universities, is now available in the U.A.E.

In collaboration with our regional offices in Tunisia, AMIDEAST U.A.E. has developed the necessary scales to convert French marks (out of 20) to the American letter grade and GPA system. This ensures that students of French schools who are applying to American colleges and universities can submit both their original French transcripts and an AMIDEAST stamped conversion into the American letter grade system. Since most American colleges and universities are not familiar with the French system, all translated transcripts are accompanied with a written explanation of the French marking system and how it is translated. AMIDEAST's recognition among US institutions of higher learning ensures that the translation (stamped by AMIDEAST) is accepted as accurate and true.

Fees for this service are:

  • 650 AED base fee for one stamped & signed official copy of converted transcripts
  • 25 AED per page for additional copies

**Some universities may require that the conversions are sent directly from AMIDEAST. We may send an official e-copy directly to the requested university for 25 AED, or mail an official hard copy directly to the university for 25 AED per page plus courier fee. It is the client’s responsibility to verify what form of submission is acceptable for the university.

AMIDEAST French Grade Conversion Terms and Conditions

  • Please allow 5 working days for the conversions to be completed due to the large number of requests.
  • According to the number of copies requested, the fee will be calculated and the quote emailed following this system:
    • 650 AED for stamped & signed official copy of up to 4 years of converted grades (grade 9-12), plus stamped copy of the explanatory guide
    • 25 AED for each additional copy per page
    • 50 AED courier fee to request translations be sent to AMIDEAST Dubai office
  • Any future conversions will be charged under the same system unless the request is for copies only. All materials must be submitted at the time the service is requested. A request to convert additional semesters will be treated as a new request and the same 650 AED charge will be applicable.
  • A PDF watermarked sample will be sent to the client by email once conversions are completed. Confirmation that the conversions have been reviewed by the client is required. Be sure to verify name spelling, birth date, and academic years and grades listed. Once confirmed, the stamped copies will be available for pick up at the office of choice (Abu Dhabi or Dubai). Please allow 2 business days for the documents to be available for pick up at the Dubai office.
  • Payment must be made to the AMIDEAST office (in Abu Dhabi or Dubai) in cash at the time service is requested. If paying for the service in Dubai, request an email confirmation of payment be sent to the Academic Adviser at the Abu Dhabi office.
  • Receipt of payment must be presented when picking up the translated grades. Grades will not be released without a receipt.
  • Please DO NOT ask for grades to be changed, or for special mentions to be added as we follow a strict conversion procedure with no curving or rounding numbers.
  • AMIDEAST is unable to translate any teacher comments, diplomas or academic letters. Such language translations require legal translation.

Please contact +971 2 445 6720  or for more information on this service.