Degree Authentication and Certified True Copies

Authentication of U.S. Academic Transcripts & Diplomas

AMIDEAST provides the service of authenticating US university and/or high school transcripts and diplomas. Prior to obtaining this service, AMIDEAST will verify the accreditation of the institution to ensure that the service can be completed. Upon this verification, the client will sign a release form and we will work with our headquarters in Washington, DC to authenticate the degree, proceeding through the required approvals from the U.S. institution, the state government, federal government, and UAE embassy in the US. Upon completion the authenticated documents are delivered to the client by our AMIDEAST office in the UAE. The comprehensive authentication service generally takes a total of 1-2 months.

Fees for this service are:

  • Diploma Authentication 2700 AED
  • Transcript Authentication 2700 AED

Please contact +971 2 445 6720 ext. 225 or for more information on this service.


Certified True Copy of Diploma

AMIDEAST provides certified true copies of diplomas to our clients who require them for various reasons, most popularly as a requirement to sit for licensing exams such as the CPA exam. This service can be provided on the same day between the hours of 8:00 am – 12:00pm.

Fees for this service are 50 AED per page

Please contact +971 2 445 6720 ext. 225 or for more information on this service.