English Club (5 years)

What is 5-year old English Club?

Regardless of English level, children who are 5-years old need a different kind of English program. This 24-hour play-based program is customized for an early learner’s attention span. There will be songs, games, and carefully crafted learning activities start building your child’s solid English foundation. There is no need for a placement test. Our expertly trained teachers will differentiate instruction to make sure each student is getting the language learning they need. Ideally, class size will not exceed 10 students.

Where is it taking place?

Amideast 5-year old English Club will be at the Tunis and Sousse offices.

When is 5-year old English Club?

The Amideast 5-year old English Club will follow the same session schedule as our regular kids’ program. Classes are 90-minutes in length.

How much does it cost?