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Symposium on Tunisian Higher Education and U.S. Institutional Engagement

Tunisia’s revolution has sparked a renewed interest in investing in and supporting Tunisian higher education.  AMIDEAST was therefore pleased to partner with Tunisia’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to host a symposium in Tunis on Nov. 7-8 on the future of Tunisian-American institutional cooperation in higher education.  Key MHESR leaders, senior academics and other experts from Tunisia’s universities and higher institutes of technology studies were joined by Tunisian industry and civic leaders and American experts in higher education reform for a timely discussion of how to strengthen the research and development capacity of Tunisian institutions of higher learning, as well as core issues of higher education reform. 

Below is a list of topics discussed at the Symposium held on November 7-8.  To see an overview of the discussion, click on the presentation title.



Topic:  University Governance and Leadership:  Tunisian and U.S. Perspectives

Mary W. Gray, PhD
Professor, American University; Board Chair, AMIDEAST

The Freedom to Teach and to Learn

Najla Ben Romdhane
Cabinet Advisor, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Gouvernance universitaire en Tunisie:

Entre acquis et défis
Dr. John Shumaker
Chief of Party, Palestinian Faculty Development Program, AMIDEAST

University Governance and Leadership

Topic:  U.S. Community Colleges as a Model for Addressing Issues Confronting the ISETs

Katherine Boswell, PhD
President, Education Policy Associates

The U.S. Community College and the Needs of Tunisian ISETS

 Abdallah Harizi
General Director of Technological Studies, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

The General Directorate of Technological Studies

Topic:  Models of Faculty Development that Improve Teaching and learning

Dr. Chris Shinn
Chief of Party, Leadership and Teacher Development Program, AMIDEAST

Faculty Development and Improving Teaching and Learning

Dr. Gregory Light
Director, Searle Center for Teaching Excellence, Northwestern University

Models of Faculty Development in Learning and Teaching

Mekki Ksouri
Cabinet Adviser, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Models of Faculty Development that Improve Teaching and Learning
(Teaching and Learning in Tunisian Engineer Schools)

Topic:  Work-Integrated Learning and Cooperative Education: Approaches to University-Private Sector Engagement


Professor Adel Ben Amor
Director General of Academic Renovation, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Enseignement collaboratif : approche basée sur le partenariat université – entreprise

 Abdelaziz Halleb
Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce and Handicraft

Action de l’UTICA pour développer à la Formation en alternance 

Dr. Sheila Martin
Portland State University; Director, Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies

Industry-University Partnerships for Economic Development

Helen Oloroso
Director of Cooperative Education at the McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University; Board member of the World Association for Cooperative Education (WACE)

Work-Integrated Learning: Approaches to University-Private Sector Engagement