Advancing Good Governance

Training of mid- and senior-level management in modern approaches to public administration is making a difference in the public sector’s capacity to deliver services to citizens and meet their concerns.

Over the last decade AMIDEAST has implemented a number of programs directed at strengthening government efficiency, openness, and transparency.

Examples of project experience include:

Public Administration In Palestine

AMIDEAST trainers worked with four ministries to improve management and financial systems, helping to establish a Public Administration and Human Resource Development Center to train civil servants. Research and recommendations from this project led to the passage of a uniform Civil Service Reform package.

Legislative Capacity In Yemen

AMIDEAST implemented a three-year program to develop the capacity of Yemen's parliament by providing technical assistance and training of senior parliamentary staff in areas such as electronic voting and computer operations.

The National Capacity Development Program, or 'Tatweer' (Arabic), IRAQ

AMIDEAST is currently implementing this USAID-funded program, which supports the U.S. government’s effort to build the capacity of key Iraqi ministries to deliver core services.